So this is not going to be a typical blog from me.  Typically my blogs consist mostly of fashion items.  I have however wanted for quite some time to expand out and be able to do decor blogs as well and even incorporate fashion and decor in the same blogs.  Now, I will disclaimer here and say….I do realize I am harder on myself than anyone ever could be. The past few days I’ve really struggled with trying to accomplish this in many ways…my photos being one.  Others, well suffice it to say applying to blog for creators is sometimes daunting at best and while we all get turned down, it’s never easy to accept.  I’ve come to a point that I’ve even began questioning my ability to even do fashion blogs.  However, I love blogging.  I love putting scenes together, trying to get just the right angle for the right shot.  Photography and blogging are my escape.

The past 6 weeks have been a struggle in real life.  So much has happened in my life this year.  Some of it good, some of it better and some things better to come this next year and then some of this year has been just plain hard.  Some of the just plain hard is what is going on right now and struggling through the aftermaths of a hurricane.  Never had I realized the magnitude of one of these “little” natural disasters.  Seeing the town I’ve lived in most my adult life devastated.  Seeing the struggles of every person who lives there day in and day out has been so heartbreaking.  We all see pictures on tv and think how horrible it is for the people going through it, but I have to say I never knew the depth of that concept until now.  I was one of the lucky ones, my home was safe.  However, some of the rest of my family was not so lucky.  My work, we have been displaced for the past 6 weeks…talk about a struggle….70+ hours a week and it’s still not enough time to get it all done and make people happy…but one day at a time and soon things will start to resemble some semblance of normalcy…

Then I again come back to my photography and blogging…it is my escape…it is what I enjoy doing.  I do it for me and in the process I hope that some people will also enjoy what I do. So here is a “shot” at decor photography….. be gentle please.




{Set Design}
[Bad Unicorn] Sanderson Shack – October Decocrate
LB_RedBradFord – NEW!!
dust bunny . harvest set @ C88 until November 6th
7mad;Ravens Pillow/Crate @ Salem until October 31st
uK – Toboggan Shelf Set C88 until November 6th
PILOT– Pumpkin Cluster
*HEXtraordinary* Harvest Lantern – October Decocrate
AF Poppies / Glazed Vase
Trompe Loeil –  Ceres Pumpkins
*alirium* PuffyGrass [Green]
Feather & Nest Bushel of Pumpkins

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