Back in the Swing


Seems like RL keeps wanting to sneak in and take over any of my free time over the last many months.  So in case anyone might have noticed I’ve been MIA a lot lately this would be the reason, but chances are most probably didn’t even know I was gone….haha

I’ve had a chance to actually take a couple days off work this weekend (after working 60 to 70 hours a week 6 to 7 days a week over the past 9 months) and got a chance to recharge some and remember what it’s like to actually do things that don’t involve work.  My house and my refrigerator are both extremely grateful, believe me.  I even got a tiny bit of a sunburn!…the sun really does not like us redhead’s that much…LOL

What better way to get “Back in the Swing” than to do it with this amazing Flapper Dress by Narcisse, beautiful Fabulous jewelry by Cae and amazing, I’m obsessed with this Somber hair by Stealthic.

So after all that rambling, I am hoping to slowly work my way back in to my blogging and being around more.  I thank all my amazing sponsors for sticking with me and their great patience when my RL demands attention. Mwah!



{Clothes & Accessories}
Hair: Stealthic Somber
Outfit: Narcisse  Jean Flapper Dress @ Vintage Fair until June 24th
Jewelry: Cae Fabulous Collection
Tattoo: White Widow Unsane

{Scene, Pose & Lighting}
[ keke ] bokeh glitter
FOXCITY . SkinFX – Envy
an lar [poses] The Gina Series – Two @ at The Liaison Collaborative until June 26th

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